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Grangemouth Amateur Swimming Club
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About Grangemouth
Amateur Swimming Club

Grangemouth Amateur Swimming Club is based at Grangemouth Sports Complex. It is a competitive non profit making swimming club of approximately 200 swimmers. It is a successful and well organised club due to the commitment and dedication of the swimmers, coaches and many other volunteers involved in running the club.


All of the squads have training sessions on Tuesday evenings. Each Tuesday evening (Club Night) the club desk is set up at the entrance to the changing area in the complex. The club desk is manned by two committee members - normally the Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

The purpose of the club desk is to register swimmers and collect all due fees and gala fees, as well as being the main point of contact for members.


The club is run by a committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in December. It is composed largely of parents of swimmers, and former swimmers who have retained an interest in helping the club. The Committee meets on a monthly basis.

There are up to twenty members on the Committee, all of them needed for a club of this size. They cover coaching, administration, publicity, finance, technical aspects, equipment, social events, fund-raising, and many others. There are nearly always one or more vacancies on the Committee, so if you are interested in assisting, you can be co-opted. 


Besides the committee, volunteers are always needed to assist with running the club, helping in organising events at Grangemouth or elsewhere, assisting coaching, help at galas with the squads, timekeeping and numerous other jobs. Please put yourself forward to help out. Just contact any member of the committee to get involved and help the club.


The Committee appoints the Head Coach, who is responsible for all coaching of swimmers throughout the club. However, it would be impossible for him to do all the coaching and in practice, he delegates much of the coaching to various other coaches. All the coaches give freely of their own time on a voluntary basis.

It is club policy that all coaches be qualified to A.S.A. Assistant Teacher standards as a minimum, though at any time there may be one or two who are training and gaining experience in advance of their A.S.A. Assistant Teacher exam.

It is a requirement of the Complex that there be one or more persons poolside who hold relevant lifesaving qualifications. In practice, nearly all the coaches hold this qualification.


At busy times when membership is high, a waiting list has to be put in place and a trial will be arranged at the first suitable date. To enquire from the website please use the contact e-mail address below.

You can enquire on a Tuesday evening (Club Night) at 5.45p.m. and report to the Club Desk where you will be registered. Just in case, please come prepared to swim as you may be assessed at the start of the Improver session which starts at 6.00pm.  Once assessed you will start swimming as instructed by the coaching staff.

The first four weeks are a probationary period.

Probationers: Must be able to go into the water without arm bands.

Improvers & Above: Must be able to swim one full length of a 25 metre pool.

Further information on the squad structure and other details are available here.

A code of conduct is observed by all members of the club. Further information is available here.

Enquiries about membership and trials for the club are welcome and should be sent to:

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